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On a visit to Japan in 2007, Linda was asked to help a Japanese high school establish a ‘sister school’ with a Vancouver high school.

By 2008, the program between Obu High School in Obu, Aichi ken and Windsor Secondary High School in North Vancouver, B.C. was being formalized.

This international exchange that inspires young people to learn about Japan and Canada, became a reality with the first group of students travelling abroad in 2010.

Comment from Linda:

"It was very moving to participate in the 2008 announcement between the two high schools of this exchange program. Seeing the two flags flying and hearing the Canadian anthem being played by the Obu High School band at the ceremony in a hall with 1,000 young Japanese high school students was very special…It made me happy to imagine the hundreds of young people who would have the chance to travel between Japan and Canada and experience something that I have been so lucky to experience later in my life.

Back in 2007, I never imagined that in 2018, my granddaughter’s first trip to Japan would be through this exchange program. A surprise that brings completes another circle in life."

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