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2000, 30 minutes, digital video, Produced by White Pine Pictures.

Executive producer: Peter Raymont, story editor: Lindalea Tracey, director, narrator: Linda Ohama, co‐editors Mary Ungerlieder, Linda Ohama, DOP, Kirk Tougas


The Traveling Reverend is the inspiring story of Reverend Y. Kawamura, a Japanese Buddhist priest who settled in southern Alberta in 1934 from Kyoto, Japan and single‐ handedly attended to the needs of Buddhists over a large remote region, often traveling through adverse conditions and long distances by foot, horse and wagon and car to provide spiritual solace.

The elderly reverend retraces some of the routes and places of his earlier years sharing rare 8mm footage from this era shot by the reverend, who was an avid amateur camera man.

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