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1992, 60 minutes, 16 mm color, Harvest Productions Ltd.

Writer/Producer/Director/Narrator: Linda Ohama 

DOP: Tony Westman

Editor: Janice Brown

Sound editor: Gael McLean

Music composer: Michael Conway Baker

Original music written and performed by Ian Tyson.


A haunting portrait of displacement symbolized by the final harvest of a family's potato farm before facing their imminent foreclosure.

Their saga began with the Canadian government’s removal of all Canadians of Japanese decent during World War II. The Ohama family ended up as farm laborers on the Great Plains desert of southern Alberta. They eventually bought the farm, grew internationally prized potatoes and became an important part of their community until1992, when they became one more farm added to the thousands of family farms lost to the banks.

This story is a beautiful testimony to the strength of the human spirit and love for the family and the land. 

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